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LunA Takahiro's family by oOToetjeOo LunA Takahiro's family by oOToetjeOo
This is, just as the title sais, Takahiro's family :D (aka, his brothers and sisters). They are all born on thesame day and have all different elements.

:earth: Hana (in the lower left corner) is the oldest and really the 'big sister' of the bunch. She is calm, collected and loves to care for others. But don't be fooled on her soft outside, she can litterly rock the earth!
Her weapon of choice is the Kanabo

:bulletgreen: Aki (in the lower right corner) is the 2nd oldest. She is the tomboy of the family and loves to team up with Satoshi and tease the rest of them. Fast and light as the wind, she dances trough life without seemly a care in the world.
Her weapon of choice is the Yumi

:bulletred: Takahiro is the 3rd oldest and current fire-teacher in Luna-Academy
His weapon of choice is the Katana but he can handle the Yari too

:bulletblue: Satoshi (in the middle) is the 4th child and thinks that he is the big-shot of the family. He acts like he knows everything and is stronger then everyone. Because of that he and Takahiro got into alot of fights when they were kids. Now they can get along better, but there is still tension between the two. Satoshi's element is water, the opposite of takahiro.
His weapon of choice is the Naginata

:bulletpurple: Mizuki (in the top right) is the 5th child, but most people think she is the youngest because of the way she acts. Mizuki can seem as a big airhead at first glance. She sees the positive in everything and loves to be outside. Most people also dont expect her to have the dark element.
Her weapon of choice is the Kusarigama

:bulletyellow: Eji (in the top left) is the youngest child. Nobody has ever heard Eji saying anything, and most people think he is a mute. People also treated him differently from the rest, but his other brothers and sisters act as if he can speak just like everyone else. He can be usually find in the forest, surrounded by all kinds of animals. Eji has the light element.
His weapon of chioce is the Jo but he mostly relies on his magic

hope y'all like :Di'm planning on doing a colored drawing of them all but dont expect it any time soon QuQ

ZH2 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg this looks so awesome~ ;u; I love all their designs and personality! QvQ Really great job on this~ :D
//sobs why are you so good with character designs omgiwantyourskillswoman!! :iconcryforeverplz: <33
oOToetjeOo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist
fjdklasd thankyou so much for our kind words QuQ :iconsupertighthugplz:
ZH2 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
asdfasgh you're very welcome~ ;u; :iconaawplz:
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